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Yen Melia Andreas (b. 1996) is an architectural graduate of Parahyangan Catholic University who has loved art since she was a young child. She carried on her education at the Milan Art Institute by enrolling online for a year in the fine art mastery program. She also completed the artist incubation program run by the Atreyu Moniaga Project (AMP). She was continually made aware of the restrictions placed on women as she was raised in a traditional Chinese-Indonesian home. She uses her paintings to communicate her ideas and feelings by depicting sweet, pastel-colored characters with innocent, sky-gazing eyes. These female characters frequently find themselves in uncomfortable situations, however they are depicted in sensitive scenes. The artwork of Yen demonstrates how grace and finesse can convey strength and fortitude. She uses her art to transcend the boundaries imposed by gender and ethnicity.

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In the Studio 

by Rukii Naraya   


- Fine Art Mastery Program - Milan Art Institute (2023)

- Atreyu Moniaga Project - Artist Incubation Program (2022)

- Bachelor of Architecture - Parahyangan Catholic University (2014-2018)

Selected Exhibitions

- Seoul Art Show, SOMA Gallery, Seoul -  South Korea, 2023

- Incipient, Vice & Virtue Gallery, Jakarta, 2023

- CON Spring Edition ‘23, Group Show, Circle of None (Online), 2023

- Of All the Odds, Group Exhibition, STEM Projects (Srisasanti Syndicate), Yogyakarta, 2022

- Woman in Contemporary Art, Group Exhibition, ISA Art Gallery, WTC3 - Jakarta, 2022


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